Furry-tail Land



More than 85% of Autism people are jobless.

Alongside Animals for Young, we present to you Furry-tail Land!

Furry-tail Land will be an eco-tourism project, which focusses on using Animals to help people with Autism.
At Furry-tail Land you will see many different kinds of animals – goats, donkey, horses, rabbits, chicken, duck, hamster, guinea pigs, lizards, dogs, cats and even ostriches. All these animals (aside than being a tourist attraction for petting and education), it will serve as a therapists for people with autism. Specially planned and method of AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy), will be introduced to help people on the spectrum. People with autism will enjoy the benefit of therapies while socialising and interacting with these animals.

Furry-tail Land will provide also provide people with autism a place to work that will also combine the different therapies (Animals, Baking, Horticulture, Music, Art, Play, Occupational) into their daily work routine. Working with Animals will be the best options for people with Autism, because Animals do not judge!

Furry-tail Land being a one of its kind animal based theme attraction will also be a self sustaining business in the long run, hence ensuring the sustainability of this idea.

Furry-tail Land will be a place where people with Autism will finally find their