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A+ corner is an Autism Stories, Autism Quotes, and Autism Art sharing corner.

A children book about how an autistic boy’s journey with his “best friend” to a magical land of “Furry-tail”, where he learns to be brave and in the end face the bullying when he returns to the real life.

Coffee Tablebook 

A coffee table book that shows how animals relations could help in the developmental of a child

Bright Not Broken: Gifted Kids, ADHD, and Autism

By Diane M. Kennedy, Rebecca S. Banks, with Temple Grandin, Jossey-Bass

Temple Grandin, author of The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum, has struggled with autism all her life but has not allowed her disorder to be an obstacle in her journey to follow her dreams. This book discusses the important issues of misdiagnosis and providing “gifted” children with the appropriate educational support.

Written by Kristine Barnett, Random House of Canada

When Kristine Barnett’s son, Jake, was diagnosed with autism, she knew that she wouldn’t be the kind of mom who would restrict her child’s life to what society thinks it should be. Therapists told her that Jake shouldn’t bother to learn the alphabet or tie his shoes, but Barnett’s perseverance in nurturing her child’s intelligence has led him to research quantum physics at Indiana University. The Spark tells the story of their journey.

Written by Naoki Higashida, Random House of Canada

Written in first-person, Higashida gives the world an inside look of what it’s like to be a 13-year-old boy with severe autism. Despite having started writing the book when he was only in middle school, Higashida is mature beyond his years and discusses heavy topics such as self-harm, perceptions of time and beauty, and the challenges of communication. The book includes an introduction by Cloud Atlas author, David Mitchell, and is translated by his wife, KA Yoshida.

Written by Mark Haddon, Random House of Canada

Narrated by Sherlock-obsessed autistic teen Christopher John Francis Boone, this fictional story follows him as he sets off to solve the case of who killed his neighbor’s dog—something he’s been blamed for. He faces challenges along the way, such as his parents’ separation, and has some emotional moments, but it’s all part of Haddon’s goal to get the reader to delve into Christopher’s mindset.

By Jodi Picoult, Washington Square Press

Jacob Hunt, a teen with Asperger’s syndrome, uses his brilliant mind to focus on forensic analysis. Due to his typical Asperger behaviors, Jacob becomes a suspect for police when a murder is committed in their small town. Picoult, an author of My Sister’s Keeper, brings a new story that portrays the difficulties that families of autistic children face.


By Marti Leimbach, Nan A. Talese / Doubleday

Stephen and Melanie Marsh have two kids: Emily, 4, and Daniel, 3. For the most part, they lead a typical life in London, but their world is shattered when Daniel is diagnosed with autism. Melanie becomes determined to teach Daniel how to speak and play “normally,” all while life gets more difficult and destroys her marriage. Andy, a speech therapist, starts working with Daniel and shows the Marshes that he has limitless potential.

By Barry Jonsberg, Chronicle Kids

This short novel is a book about a twelve-year-old girl, who is smart and quirky, perhaps a little more quirky than others, and determined to make sure everyone around her is happy. She is also autistic, but that’s only a side note. Readers will fall in love with this character who, really, is just like everyone else.